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Growing Horizons With regards to European Legislation Students

As a western law pupil you will have the possibility to explore a wide variety of legal fields and areas of skills. This will allow you to gain a more insight into completely different countries’ regulations and legal systems, plus the European Union’s structure. Ultimately, it will be able to prepare you for international lawyer practice throughout borders.

ELSA, the world’s largest legislation students network, offers their members several opportunities to develop their course. These include STAGE traineeships, Delegations to intergovernmental organisations and legal homework experiences. Additionally , ELSA also provides learners with the possibility to serve in committees and run complexes within their Students’ Union. Taking part in these activities can really make your CV stand out to upcoming employers.

The vote to leave the EU has put a lot of people off studying EU law whatsoever (particularly in the UK) which is understandable. But , in case you are serious about studying law you should know that a good understanding of EUROPEAN law is crucial for a choice of legal professions.

For this reason, Lincoln subsequently Memorial School Duncan School of Regulation has become an associated member of the ELPIS consortium. This really is an motivation that brings together universities coming from all over Europe to support each other and develop joint educating programmes in the field of European law and insurance plan. This will permit postgraduate students to possess a deep, comparison and multilateral approach to their particular study of EU legislations. As such, they will be equipped for cross-border lawyer practice and contribute to the development of a global law community.

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